How to recover permanently deleted google photos

Have you ever used the Google photos? Google Photos is one of the most popular applications which are widely used across the world.  Earlier we use to store the photos on USB, computer and data drives but there is always a chance of photos being corrupted or lost. But with the help of Google photos, user can store their photos on the online platform as well as share with the friends, family’s and colleagues. Millions of user across the world use Google photos to post the videos and photos on the sites. The best part about the Google Photos is that we are get rid of any issue of harm or corruption of the photos. But sometimes user does face issue while working on the Google, one of the common problem user face is how to recover Permanently deleted Google photos.  User needs to follow these simple procedures to fix the issue on time.

  • First of all, There are two ways to recover your Google photos.
  • ·       One can either recover through the phone or SD-card.
  • ·       In case recover from phone, user needs to connect Android device to computer.
  • ·       Then click on Recover from Phone.
  • ·       Now Afterwards you will enter the interface as follows.
  • ·       In case if you have situation then user needs to click on “ Allow USB debugging “ prompt in your android device.
  • ·       Always allow from this computer and click on OK button.
  • ·       Then after the scanning process, user needs to go through these procedures like camera, screenshot, app picture and picture from the left list.
  • ·       Further click on the items you want to recover and click on the lower right side button to recover to continue.
  • ·       In case if you want to choose another path then choose the browse button.
  • ·       After these process, user deleted photos will be back on their original path.

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Google chrome not responding on mac resolve this problem

Google chrome is the leading browser which is used for searching the web.It provides fastest speed in comparison to other browser.Now a days Internet surfing is the biggest demand of every user,it’s a need of time so that it is the best browser which provides so many features such as relevant search,extensions,user friendly ,flexibility,private and synchronize window and so on.

If Google Chrome is not responding on MAC then you need to fix this issue.We are describing some steps to fix it.You need to follow given blow steps:

  • First of all ,you need to launch Chrome ,for this you are required to go to the chrome.

  • After that you will have to verify the Google chrome browser version on your MAC.

  • If you did not see any update notification then you will have to go to the Google chrome download page.

  • Once you have installed the latest version of Google chrome then go to the about chrome.

  • After That you need to go to the Activity monitor and press enter.

  • Here you will see Google chrome Helper without not responding.

  • You are required to clear all the cache data in your browser.


To know more about Google chrome ,you need to go through the official websites of google Chrome.Here you will have to note down the help desk number of Google chrome.You will get major help from Google chrome technician.

What needs to be done when google play is not working on android !

Google play store is an open source application interface which offers services for downloading anything on device.It is available on smart phone which support android ,windows phone,Apple phone and so on.On the Google play app,there are huge application presents.

Image result for google play not working on android

However ,Google play provides so much fantastic features but  it is not free from technical error.Sometime when you use Google play then you may face technical issue with it.If google play store not working then to access Google play store in a proper way,you need to follow given below steps.

  • Initially you need to find the problem with your Google play store ,if you may  solve this issues by yourself then it is good for you otherwise you need to take help from Google play technician.

  • After that go to the setting option  then you will have to select  force stop” to force close by selecting the play store.

  • You must need to check the internet connection ,if you’re using wifi network then it should be properly working otherwise Google play store will not work.

  • You need to check that airplane mode is turn off or turn on ,if it is turn on then you need to immediately turn off the airplane mode in your device otherwise network connection will not find.

  • You must have to check that your device is working properly otherwise you need to restart your device,wait for some time then again you need to open your device and check the Google play store.

  • You also need to check the cache memory then go to the setting option and here you will have to remove to cache memory from your device.

  • You  need to check the storage connection in your device ,if you face any issue then you are required to select the clear data option in the settings option.


If still Google play is not working then you do not need to worry about it ,just go to the Google support team and must take help from Google technician.They will provide you best guidance to fix all the issue related to it.

Google chrome not responding how to fix

Is Google chrome not responding? :10 Best & Easy Tricks To Fix Google Chrome Not Responding Issue

Trick 1 . Browser Optimization

  • Open menu ( top right corner)
  • Click, “More Tools > Clear Browsing Data” or use the short cut “Ctrl+Shift+Del”
  • In the upcoming window, check all other boxes except passwords, Autofill form data, Hosted app data and media license as shown below.
  • Click clear browsing data.

Now re-launch the browser and check whether you get the same error again.

Trick 2: Cookie Clean Up

  • Open menu
  • Click “Settings->show advanced settings
  • Expand the “Privacy Section” and Click “Content settings”

Trick 3 : Close the non responsive window

When you open more than one tab in Google chrome, chances are one or few tabs will get frozen. At times, closing only the non responsive tabs will fix the issue.

  • To do this open chrome’s task manager. You can do this by pressing the keys “Shift+Esc” or go to More Tools and click on Task Manager.

  • You will get a window showing all the processes that are running and extensions.
  • Choose the frozen tab or tabs and hit end process.

Trick 4 : Disable the Extensions

  • Open Menu
  • Go to More Tools and choose Extensions.

It will show you all the extensions installed in your browser.

Trick 5 : Bad Proxies Might Be The Culprit

Check the proxy settings. Incorrect proxy settings might cause this issue.

  • Open menu
  • Navigate to settings->advanced settings.
  • Click “change proxy settings” under the label Network
  • In the upcoming window click “connections” Tab and click “LAN Settings”.
  • Ensure the check box named “Automatically detect settings”, is checked.

Generally, you don’t need to do anything with proxy settings. If you use external proxies in your browser, verify if the data entered under the manual proxy settings are correct.

Trick 6 : Turn Off The Sandbox Mode

  • Sandbox mode security feature can make your chrome unresponsive. Try disabling this feature and check whether the problem persists.
  •  Right click on the Google chrome short cut (In Desktop).
  • Select “Properties” and navigate to the tab “Shorcut”.
  • Append the string “-no-sandbox-” at the end of target field.
  • Click ok.

Trick 7 : Fix Your Flash

  • Enter the term “Chrome://plugins” in the chrome address bar without the quotes.
  • From the displayed plug-ins list, spot the plug-in “Adobe Flash Player”.
  • If adobe flash player is enabled, click disable (uncheck) it and close the chrome browser.
  • Re-launch the browser and check whether the issue still exists.

Trick 8 : Clean Up The Local Storage

  • Open “control panel-> Folder options”
  •  Expand the tab named “View”
  • Under Hidden Files and folders, choose the option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.
  • Hit ok.
  • Now open the Folder named “Local Storage” by navigating through the path “C:\Users\Your Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage\”
  • Data stored here are all unusable. Select all and delete.

Now re-launch the browser and check to see whether the issue is fixed.

Trick 10 : Reset Chrome

  • Open Menu
  • Go to settings->advanced settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the window and find out the button Reset Settings. It will restore your chrome to its initial stage.
  • Now Sign in to Google chrome with your Google account.
  • Check the browser and see whether the Google-chrome-not-working issue persists

This Blog information you can find on other official website put up here just for your information purpose only if you need more information or help regarding for google chrome not working or responding you can visit given links

Google chrome unable to play youtube videos how to fix this error

YouTube and Google Chrome, both are the products of the Google and they offer a wide range of features to the users. But, due to excessive memory usage, caches and other, slow down the performance of the Google Chrome and as a result, YouTube stops playing videos in the Chrome.

On the off chance, if you are unable to play YouTube videos on Google Chrome, then you have to perform few activities and the same are provided below for effective output.

Fix | YouTube videos unable to play in Chrome

Perform advanced settings

  • First and foremost, you need to uncheck the hardware acceleration from the Google Chrome and to do this, Launch Chrome and click on the More tab, symbolized with the three vertical dots and under the same select Settings.
  • Now scroll down the Settings page and click on Show Advanced Settings.
  • Scroll down the page of the advanced settings and move to the System section. Here, you will find the option “Use hardware acceleration when available”. Turn it off.

Clear the Browsing History

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the More icon, select More Tools and then click on Clear Browsing data.
  • Here, you will find the options which you want to remove, select browsing history, cached images and files, cookies and other sites plugin data.
  • After selecting them, click Clear browsing data, but before that select the duration; it is recommended to select the beginning of time.
  • Now restart Google Chrome.

Hence, these steps will fix your issues. On the off chance, if still persists any issues, then feel free to contact Google Chrome customer support for the assistance. The geeks will provide the complete solution to the issue. The team works around the clock, so you can convey your issues anytime.

How to fix HP Printer Cartridge error?

A lot of kind situations arrived when HP printer stopped printing and shows cartridge error code. You can’t printing until you don’t clear of this cartridge code. There might be various reasons behind the cartridge error. But it doesn’t means that this error can’t resolve. There are multiple ways to fix this problem that you will learn in this article.

How to fix HP Cartridge error

Remove and reinsert Cartridge

·       First of all, make sure that you are using a genuine HP printer cartridge.

·       Now turn your HP printer ON and then open the cartridge door to remove cartridge.

·       Remove the cartridge and then place the cartridge back in carriage.

·       Turn off the printer for few seconds and then turn printer ON.

Clean the Cartridge and Carriage contacts

·       First of all, remove the cartridge and then clean the contacts with a clean and dry cloth.

·       Clean the contacts from top to bottom. Apply this method for every contact.

·        Place the cartridge back in to carriage and then turn off printer for few seconds.

·       After that, turn the HP printer ON to complete the procedure.

Done!! Now you can easily use your HP printer to print documents without much of stretch. For any further assistance contact HP technical support team.

What is frontier airlines cancellation fee how to contact its helpline number for any inquiry

frontier airlines cancellation fee

Always gets an opportunity to get associated with the Airlines which offers you both desire, best and more facility in a single platform, As we have minimal effort transporter “Frontier Airlines” which is a Denver found Airlines best known for giving agile and wanted services to their customers. This Airlines covers 54 goals to their customer as we offered most cheap and affordable flights to their users. You can get in touch with the customer care team 24*7 at your services and support so that you never feel down because of any technical issues or faults as our team provides you step by step resolution of your issues and always make sure that you always feel pleasure while enjoying the facility related to the on flight entertainment, meals, desserts, beverages and other facility offered on the flight in order to make your journey more astonishing and mind blowing. Because of any reason if your frontier Airlines flights cancel than by following the steps mentioned below you can get to know about the cancellation fee:-

1.If you are cancelling your ticket before 48 hours than the refund will be full

2.You can also demand for the refund the amount through any travel reservation team

3.If you are cancelling the tickets before 3 hours of the departure than no money will be refund

At any point if you are looking for the cancellation of the frontier airlines and not finding a appropriate solution for the same than without wasting any time quickly get in touch with the most qualified and the certified frontier airlines phone number team who gives you all the correct information related to the re-booking, cancellation fees, baggage allowances, hotel and car booking, web check in, allotment of the seat, pre-scheduling and many more which user can take benefit of the services anytime and anywhere without any complications and hurdles.

Quick Reservation phone number for frontier airlines by customer service agents click here

Google maps not working properly on android

google maps not working properly on android

Google has launched number of services and each one is unique.The services that has been launched by Google are Gmail,Google chrome,Google+,Google maps  including several other things.Users are taking the enjoyment of Google and are happy with its service.Individual may obtain number of positive aspects but there are certain things that can’t be ignored.To get help in all such conditions,there is need to reach customer service team.Support team can be contacted by using helpline number

There are number of issues that has been resolved by customer service team.Here,individual can see the solution of one:

Google maps not working properly on Android

It is first required to open Google Chrome browser.

Individual should now tap on the “Menu icon” with three lines at the top right corner.

There is need to select the option of “Settings”

However, user should scroll down to the bottom and tap the option of  ‘Advanced’.

Select the option of ‘Content Settings’ from the  “Privacy & Security”

User should now scroll down to ‘Location’ and tap the option of “Ask before accessing (recommended)”.

Ensure that “” has a permission to access your physical location.

Tap the option of  ‘Done’.

Either contact google maps customer service phone number assistance

Other way to contact google maps support team by :

Google maps technical support number 1-855-486-4299

Google maps support number 1-855-791-4041

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