How to change Mac IP address?

Every single person wants to avoid the risk of being attacked by a person who is targeting your IP address or willing a new online identity from an IP standpoint. Likewise, you want to avoid the risk of being hacked. Changing your IP address is the best thing you can do in this regard. Well, the IP address can be changed by accessing System Preferences. Here we are presenting the complete process after splitting it into simple steps.

How to change Mac IP address? 

How to contact Mac support number?

Mac support number is perhaps the best way to contact Mac tech support which is filled with properly trained technical support engineers. Powered by Apple, this number is widely acknowledged for its strong track record, high accuracy, and utmost responsiveness. If you are busy or unable to connect this number, you have many more ways to avail help from the support engineers. Chat support, email support, and forum support are some of the popular ways. By using any of these ways, you can make a request for a call back in your desired time slot.


How KLM Airlines Can Be A Useful Option For You

KLM is the flying carrier of United States which hub is located near by Amsterdam airport.It is the part of the Air France group and also the member of the Skyteam alliance.It is the oldest airlines that is serving to almost one hundred forty five destinations.The fleet size of this airlines is around one hundred nineteen.If you are looking for a flying service at affordable rates,you need to connect with support team quickly.

If you will fly with KLM,you will get endless facilities.Those who will fly from it can get the friendly crew members with comfortable seats.Even, the passengers can enjoy healthy food with quality beverage items.

  • How the process of reservation will KLM airlines will get complete?
  • Individual should click the option of KLM airlines
  • Tap the option of either one-way,round trip or multiple city
  • User should enter dates and destinations to which they want to go
  • It is required to look the lists of flights by a click on the “Flight” option
  • You should enter the details of the passengers who will travel from it
  • It is required for you to review the details and you can proceed further to complete the process of payment
  • For doing the payment,card details needs to be given in a proper manner
  • Now, the process of reservation with KLM airlines will get complete

If any of you will not be satisfied by the discussed reservation process,it is required for you to connect with team of experts.To reach the support team,there is need to use the KLM reservation phone number.The airlines team will understand your requirement and suggest you with some specific resolution.Not only this booking issue but other major problems like cancellation,baggage,check in will be resolved easily.

Other Source : KLM Airlines Phone Number

Read and learn how to create an Autoresponder in Gmail:

You can leave your inbox behind when you seek the chance to go outside on the vacation. It is matter of the settings that you can make in your Gmail account with ease. You can set up your Gmail account with the help of Auto-responder email in your Gmail account on your device that would be a good idea to get the emails later on.

If you are not aware of it and looking for the solution you can easily go to the support center where you can receive awareness to setup your Gmail account with the help of the Auto-responder.

The following are the ways leading how I create an Auto responder in Gmail with ease:

  • First of all, log in your Gmail account on your device with the help of correct email address and password.
  • Go to the settings button and select the advanced settings button and move to the next page.
  • Select the vacation responder option and enter the valid date and select the next radio button.
  • You can enter the details and cause and enter the recipient into the fields.
  • Enter the description with the date and time and select the only send or receive button.
  • You have to select this process for everyone so that you can get all emails at the same time.
  • Now press the save change button at the end of the procedure.

Having finished the task, you must be sure related to the final result that you will get at the correct time.

How to change your HP Printer wi fi password

Avail easy assistance to know how to change the  wi fi password of the HP Printer

Detailed information on HP Printers:

HP printers are known all over the world for their good quality print. Moreover Hp printers are easy to use and they are user compatible as well. HP printers are durable and easy to handle as well.

How can the users change the password of HP printers?

The users may change the password of HP printers by following the steps stated below. The listed steps will let the user to know how to change your HP Printer wi fi password in an easy and faster manner.

  • First of all the user needs to click on the “ start” button.

  • Then the users may click on the “ control panel “ option.

  • Thereafter the user needs to right click on the wireless HP printer icon.

  • The users may click on the “ properties option.

  • After doing this, the users may enter the previous password.

  • Then the users may put their  new password.

  • After this, the users may reenter the new password for confirmation.

  • At last the wi-fi password for the HP printers will be changed successfully.

The steps discussed above will help the users in changing the wi-fi password of the HP printers.  These steps are simple and can be executed in a simple manner without any issue and problems. The users may contact the technical expert for getting the issues resolved from the well trained experts who will provide the right assistance to fix the issues.

Take instant assistance from the techies:

The technical experts will assist the users in resolving the issues whenever the users asks for the assistance from the experts. These experts possess a of knowledge and have a lot of experience in fixing the issues.

How to recover gmail password without security question

What to do to recover Gmail password without security question & without phone number? Here are the ways:

Gmail account is a regularly used service by the users. It helps them wisely to use Gmail’s email service in terms of sharing and receiving emails to their clients, personal friends and relatives, shopping, internet banking and much more. In other words, if you have Gmail account, you are capable to book your ticket, online shopping, and of course also you are free to contact tech support department to fix the issue if you are having in your device or email account which you are personally using.

Recover the Google password without phone number:

Gmail account is quite easy to configure and set up in Gmail account. So if you have done that, you are so lucky having Gmail account on your mobile phone; this will help you to check each email at the same time. But in case, you forgot the password and you are not able to access even don’t know how to recover the password as you forgot the phone number, don’t disappoint as we are here to help you easily.

Sometimes it happens and the users are not able to recover the password but we have a solution for this. To recover the password of Gmail account you must have alternate email ID, phone number, security questions, and capatcha code that help to recover and reset the password with ease. Have a look.

Here are the ways on how to recover Gmail password without security question:

  • Open your laptop and launch the internet service to go to the Gmail web site page.
  • Try to enter the correct email address and password if showing an issue you need to press forgot password button.
  • Click the next button and select the alternate email address option if you are not going to reset it with security question.
  • Press the captcha button to enter the code correctly which you have obtained in the Gmail account in the field.
  • A password reset code will be showing on the next page that allows entering the password into the both new and confirm password fields.

Here are the ways on how to recovery Google password without phone number:

  • Launch your internet browser on your device and go to the Gmail account page.
  • You need to press forgot password button and enter the alternate Gmail address if you don’t have mobile phone number.
  • A code will be sent to the alternate email address where you can easily recover the password smoothly.
  • Now enter the new password into the both new and confirm password at the end of the procedure.


It is hoped, now you have been learned how to recover the password without security and without phone number with ease.

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