how to reset macbook pro password

Macbook pro is one of the most successful product of Apple that has been provided to the people for their use. But, there are times when the product creates various issues and the best solution to solve it is to reset the device. So, if the user are facing any issues and are willing to reset their device then they can simply follow the below mentioned steps for the same.

Therefore, to reset Macbook pro the user needs to follow the below mentioned steps :

  • To reset the device first of all the user need to shut down the Macbook pro and should again restart it.

  • Then, select on the command key as well as the R key simultaneously for the next process.

  • Once these both keys are selected, the user will see that the Apple logo is being displaying on the screen.

  • Lastly, the user will see the loading bar on the screen that will inform the user that their device is resetting.

Image result for how to reset macbook pro password

Hence, these above stated steps will easily reset the Macbook pro device of the users . These steps will help the user in solving many of the common issues related to their Macbook pro devices. Furthermore, if the user face any more issues in understanding the steps or have any query then they may get in touch with the concerned representatives available on the mac support number. The number can be availed from the official site of Apple Macbook and can be called whenever the user wish to.


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