How to set google analytics on blogger

Google Analytical is free web analytical software that provides statics and basic tools for searching engine optimization and marketing purpose. Google Analytics is perfect software that is easily connected to the website through a piece of tracking code. This is a small piece of javascript code that is made from your email account you are using to posting the content on the website.

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It is quite a necessary tool for the bloggers which are truly required to set with the help of Google Analytics software. Its code like HTML and Java helps to show the content in the blogger and its all credit goes to the tool used to post and set for the blogger. Those who are having quite issue with this software, they can have the guidance to get the positive consequence in a jiffy.

Here are the ways on who to set Google Analytics on blogger:

First of all, go to the blogger and then click on the blog you want to Analyze.

Go to the settings and then click on the other menu option showing on the page.

Enter the tracking ID under the Google Analytical and then click on the save option.

If you have set the password for the particular changing settings then you can enter the password at the end.

Source for Your help :

How to setup google analytics account For Your Website

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