how to fix google voice no internet connection

Google Voice search is a powerful search option given by Google which can display a complete list of information in form of links for the commands that we give to Google as per our voice. The purpose is to make search as easy as possible for the user where they can search whatever they want to just by saying it loud and not having to type the words altogether. Google voice uses the voice recognition software’s to understand the user and then displays the results.
However sometimes, Google Voice search shows the error as No internet connection , for that you need to fix it. The following points will help you on how to fix the Google voice no internet connection issue:
Step1 ) First of all, from the keyboard that is connected to your computer, press the R key which will open the run box
Step 2) When the run box pops open, navigate to system properties by typing Windows\System32\SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe
Step 3) Here you can click on OK and then go to “Environmental Variables”.
Step4) Here you need to search the API key or DEFAULT CLIENT ID associated with Google
Step 5) Once you find these, just rename them to any other name and then Click on OK.
Step 6) Now you must try to connect to internet again by typing in your web browser.
This should fix the problem for you. In case you still get the error, you can try contacting the Google voice customer service or Google voice technical support team. You can dial the toll-free number or can write your queries in an email and send it to customer support.

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