How to fix HP Printer Cartridge error?

A lot of kind situations arrived when HP printer stopped printing and shows cartridge error code. You can’t printing until you don’t clear of this cartridge code. There might be various reasons behind the cartridge error. But it doesn’t means that this error can’t resolve. There are multiple ways to fix this problem that you will learn in this article.

How to fix HP Cartridge error

Remove and reinsert Cartridge

·       First of all, make sure that you are using a genuine HP printer cartridge.

·       Now turn your HP printer ON and then open the cartridge door to remove cartridge.

·       Remove the cartridge and then place the cartridge back in carriage.

·       Turn off the printer for few seconds and then turn printer ON.

Clean the Cartridge and Carriage contacts

·       First of all, remove the cartridge and then clean the contacts with a clean and dry cloth.

·       Clean the contacts from top to bottom. Apply this method for every contact.

·        Place the cartridge back in to carriage and then turn off printer for few seconds.

·       After that, turn the HP printer ON to complete the procedure.

Done!! Now you can easily use your HP printer to print documents without much of stretch. For any further assistance contact HP technical support team.


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