Google chrome not responding on mac resolve this problem

Google chrome is the leading browser which is used for searching the web.It provides fastest speed in comparison to other browser.Now a days Internet surfing is the biggest demand of every user,it’s a need of time so that it is the best browser which provides so many features such as relevant search,extensions,user friendly ,flexibility,private and synchronize window and so on.

If Google Chrome is not responding on MAC then you need to fix this issue.We are describing some steps to fix it.You need to follow given blow steps:

  • First of all ,you need to launch Chrome ,for this you are required to go to the chrome.

  • After that you will have to verify the Google chrome browser version on your MAC.

  • If you did not see any update notification then you will have to go to the Google chrome download page.

  • Once you have installed the latest version of Google chrome then go to the about chrome.

  • After That you need to go to the Activity monitor and press enter.

  • Here you will see Google chrome Helper without not responding.

  • You are required to clear all the cache data in your browser.


To know more about Google chrome ,you need to go through the official websites of google Chrome.Here you will have to note down the help desk number of Google chrome.You will get major help from Google chrome technician.


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