How to recover permanently deleted google photos

Have you ever used the Google photos? Google Photos is one of the most popular applications which are widely used across the world.  Earlier we use to store the photos on USB, computer and data drives but there is always a chance of photos being corrupted or lost. But with the help of Google photos, user can store their photos on the online platform as well as share with the friends, family’s and colleagues. Millions of user across the world use Google photos to post the videos and photos on the sites. The best part about the Google Photos is that we are get rid of any issue of harm or corruption of the photos. But sometimes user does face issue while working on the Google, one of the common problem user face is how to recover Permanently deleted Google photos.  User needs to follow these simple procedures to fix the issue on time.

  • First of all, There are two ways to recover your Google photos.
  • ·       One can either recover through the phone or SD-card.
  • ·       In case recover from phone, user needs to connect Android device to computer.
  • ·       Then click on Recover from Phone.
  • ·       Now Afterwards you will enter the interface as follows.
  • ·       In case if you have situation then user needs to click on “ Allow USB debugging “ prompt in your android device.
  • ·       Always allow from this computer and click on OK button.
  • ·       Then after the scanning process, user needs to go through these procedures like camera, screenshot, app picture and picture from the left list.
  • ·       Further click on the items you want to recover and click on the lower right side button to recover to continue.
  • ·       In case if you want to choose another path then choose the browse button.
  • ·       After these process, user deleted photos will be back on their original path.

Other Source “Quora


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