how to add google map location in website

If you are here then we know that you would be tensed because you have a website of your own and you want to create a functionality so that you would be able to display the Google Maps on your website. Don’t worry if you are not aware of the steps for adding a map since in this article, mentioned below are the steps with the help of which adding such location will become a childish task for you.
how to add google map location in website
  • The first step is to make sure that you have got an HTML page created for your website.
  • After that, create a div tag with the ID of the map and then under the CSS file, make sure that you have given a width, height and a background color for that same ID under the style tag.
  • Moreover, it’s extremely important for you to know that to embed the Google Maps on your website, you have to load the javascript API of the Google Maps in your web page.
  • You will get the API for the Google Maps from the official website of the Google developers.
  • There will be a key section located there in the Javascript code where you have to add your credentials to the Google account.
  • You will get the API key from the Google API Console and along with that, you have to add the latitude and longitude of the region which belongs to your area.
  • So, if you have to face any kind of issue while adding this Google Maps, then the google maps customer support is always there for you.

Do you need instant Hotmail Help and support? Contact Online Support Number

There is no doubt that Hotmail is one of the most liked email programs among the users sustained by the Windows live that has changed the shape of communication. Though, the concept of technical method is old but it`s frequently addition of the exclusive features and attributes make it more effective and strange.

Do you need instant Hotmail Help and support? Contact Online Support Number:

In this support service you have numbers of the options in order to resolve labyrinthine issues faced by the users generally. For that you need to connect Hotmail support phone number immediately.           

There are some common issues that mostly vexed to the users as refers below:

  1. Hotmail sign in and sign up issue.
  2. Hotmail configuration and installation issue.
  3. Creating technical problem in sending and receiving the mails.
  4. Unable to download and attachment file issue.
  5. Unable to access email account after reset the password.
  6. Hotmail drive creating problems in downloading and uploading images and more.

All these above mention issues are very general problems that occurred while handling the Hotmail email account on daily basis. Therefore, to redress all these problems we provide very unique method by online resources like: Team viewer, Remote desktop connection, MSTCS and more.

The technical support team is working with third party tech support expert team which is so highly trained and proficient to offer simple and sober assistance so that user can get amazing and satisfied resolution in no time. We are available 24*7 in order to help out users thoroughly.

Ways to increase the Speed for the Google Play to work

Internet is something without this the world system of networks will come to a still. With the frequent use of Internet one can connect with so many computer all over the globe. Internet is different to world wide web. Web browser’s is generally used for accessing the information with the use of the most used Internet. The best is to get that Internet service which works best for in that area as it provides high speed Internet. If we see everyone is using Internet as, this plays a vital role in every one’s life. If in case the Internet speed is slow and Internet connection is weak then it can be create problem while you are searching on Internet so it is important to increase the speed,for to do so you need to follow these steps:


  • You need to check Internet connection on your computer.

  • if there are many application running on your computer then you should limit the amount of application which are running through Internet connection.

  • There are so many free software are available ,with the use of that software you can test your Internet Speed.

  • You need to check your Internet service provider services,if you always receive low speed then you should change your service network.

  • You should have to check all providers in your Area if you are not aware for a long time best Internet connection speed.

  • You should check megabytes of Internet connection speed.


The above ways are simple to perform for any user and in case the user does not get the relevant help then they can get the help from the google play technical support for any kind of assistance. The technical support has the experts who have all the knowledge and skills for the help to the user.

how to create apple id without payment card

Apple has become a brand known to each and everyone, it is one of the most used phones with its own operating system and series of software to support the apple products. When we talk  about technology and particularly phones and computer , no one can resist  Apple products it is the famous brand known  all, it is one of the most used brands  with its own operating system and  software to support the apple products.

 Apple id is required by a user to enjoy the facilities offered by apple like itunes, apple mail and iCloud etc.

 how to create apple id without payment card.jpg

how to create apple id without payment card

  • Open the official site of apple and go to the login page and click on create your apple id.
  • You need to enter all the details like first name ,last name ,date of birth  and then check for availability of username for your apple id.
  • Enter your password and re enter the password again
  • Now you need to select a security question and answer for the purpose of recovery
  • Enter the security code displayed and click on continue at the bottom of page.
  • Now it will prompt for payment option click on none and then add the information in the billing option and agree to terms and conditions.

Apple mail customer service

  • Apple mail customer support is flexible and provides help in many way .like community and help centre
  • The ready reference solutions to the common problems are already listed on the apple official site.
  •  All you need to do is contact the apple support number  or apple mail helpline number

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What To Do When My Google Play Store Will Suddenly Stops To Work

Google has been amazingly performed for its users whether it is any domain.People are using the multiple services that has been provided by them  and further expecting more from it.Different services that has been launched by Google has enhanced performance of users by the quality it is giving.It is recently giving number of services like email,browser,Google map,Google play and number of other important things.If the service of Google is best,it doesn’t means that there will not be any technical issues.For such times,there is need to reach customer support team immediately.

Issues that has been resolved by customer support team of Google:-

How may I get my Google drive on PC?

How to delete browsing history in chrome?

How to recover Google password on Android?

How to recover 505 error in Google play?

How may I update my Google play store?

Why Google is not responding on my PC?

How to set up business email on Android?

How may I merge Google contacts with Android?

How may I create Google account on Android?

There are number of issues that has been fixed by customer service team.Here,individual can see the resolution of one:-

Google app is not working

User should first restart the device

It is also required to check the Android updates

Individual should also try to update an app

Also, there is need to forcibly stop the app

There is also need to clear the caches

App data should also need to be cleaned

If anything doesn’t work then uninstall the app and reinstall it

There may be some people who are still need help for the above solved bug,they should contact with customer service team immediately.These people are really supportive and have high technical knowledge about every problem.Generally, remote access technique will be applied to solve every single issue and it even helps in the easy detection of the issue.Technical team can be contacted whenever users demands for help.

There are even other ways for getting help from the technical team,these are live chat and email support.It also helps in resolving the issues immediately.

how to change paypal password on app

how to change paypal password on app.jpg

Paypal is the best way to go for cash less transactions. Many people are going towards cash less transactions and many applications are there that are helping in a secured transaction. Paypal is one of them. Person can have a personal Paypal account or can be a merchant account used by other people. While making the profile, user have to first select , which type of account he or she wants. Then user have to enter a valid primary email id and a password.  Paypal is also available in the form of app so user can access his Paypal account through his phone any time and anywhere if he is having a consistent internet connection. Password secures the account so user should keep it safe. User should keep on changing his password so that hacking can be avoided. Here is the process to how to change paypal password on app.

  1. Go to your Paypal profile.
  2. Click on the gear icon for Settings.
  3. Click on the tab Security, under your profile.
  4. Click on the link Edit in front of the Password.
  5. Change the new password.
  6. Click on Change Password.

Source for Support : paypal phone number

How To Verify your local business listing on Google

First of all you should know all these information taken from this official url

You need to create or claim a Google My Business listing before you can start the verification process. You may see one or several types of verification depending on the type of business listing you manage:

Verify Business Listing By Post Card:

To verify your business listing by postcard, enter your business address in Google My Business. You’ll be sent a postcard with a verification code. Most postcards arrive within 12 days. Before you request to verify your listing by postcard, make sure that your business address complies


To request a postcard:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
  2. Choose the business you’d like to verify, then click Verify now.
  3. On the postcard request screen, make sure that your address is displayed accurately. If it isn’t, edit the address before you request your postcard. You can also add an Optional contact name to help your postcard reach you.
  4. Click Send postcard.
  5. Check the mail for your postcard. Most postcards arrive within 12 days. Don’t edit your business name, address, or category, or request a new code while you’re waiting—this may delay the verification process.

To enter the verification code:

  1. Once you receive your postcard, sign in to Google My Business.
  2. If you manage more than one location, click Manage location on the location you want to verify.
  3. Click Verify location from the menu (or click the Verify now button).
  4. Enter the 5-digit verification code from your postcard in the “Code” field.
  5. Click Submit.

If your postcard is lost or missing, you can request a new one.


To request a postcard:

  1. Open the Google My Business app.
  2. Tap Send postcard.
  3. Choose the business you’d like to verify, then tap I don’t have a code.
  4. Check the mail for your postcard—it should arrive in one to two weeks. Don’t edit your business name, address, or category, or request a new code while you’re waiting—this may delay the verification process.

To enter a verification code:

  1. Once you’ve received the postcard, open the Google My Business app.
  2. Choose the business you’d like to verify.
  3. Tap Enter code to complete the verification or I don’t have a code if you never received your postcard.

Once you’ve entered your verification code, your business information will be eligible to appear live on Google Maps, Search, and other Google services.

Verify Business Listing by Phone :

To verify your business listing by phone:


  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
  2. Choose the business you’d like to verify, then click Verify now.
  3. Make sure that you can directly answer your business phone number to receive your verification code.
  4. Click Verify by phone to have the code sent to your phone via automated message.
  5. Enter the code from the message.


  1. Open the Google My Business app.
  2. Tap Call me now.
  3. Enter the code from the message and tap the arrow icon Arrow icon.

Once you’ve entered your code, your business information will be eligible to appear live on Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties.

Verify Business Listing by Email :

Email verification isn’t available for all businesses. If you don’t see this option when you attempt to verify, try another verification method.

Before pursuing verification by email, make sure that you can access the email address shown in the verification screen.


If you’re returning to verify after creating your listing, visit Google My Business, choose the business you’d like to verify, and click Verify now.

  1. Click Email from the list of verification options.
  2. Check your email.
  3. Click the Verify button in the verification email. (You can also enter the code from the email in your Google My Business dashboard.)


If you’re returning to verify, open the Google My Business app or visit and choose the business you’d like to verify.

  1. Tap Send email.
  2. Check your email.
  3. Tap Enter code, then enter the code from the email.
  4. Tap Submit.

Once you’ve entered your code, your business information will be eligible to appear live across on Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties.

Bulk Verification :

If you manage 10 or more locations of the same business, your business listings may be eligible for bulk verification you can check more about this as mention above first line of this blog

Having trouble with verification?


Posted by Tracingpage on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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Google maps location services not working

Google map is basically the app that is really advantageous if you look at the user side since this is the app that has helped the users to become the independent to drive the places without any of the issues like the tension about knowing the directions. So just in case you are traveling to a new place and you are geo- graphically challenged then also you can easily travel to that place by opening the google map on your device. By doing so you can easily navigate to different places without asking any one else. So it is a kind of mandatory app nowadays.

google maps location services not working

Once you install it in your device it will make your life so easy. Now just in case you feel that you are not able to use the google map since it is facing some of the problem then you need to figure out what the real problem is then only you will be able to resolve the issue. When you try to resolve this issue you will see that among the various issues in the google map one of the most prominent one is the location issues. Like if your google map stops showing the location then you have to follow the different set of steps such as:-

  • In that case you have to simply access the situation like why the google map is not showing the location.

  • Once you do that then you will see that the entering of the wrong address may also be the reason for the issue.

  • So you have to update the correct listing in the google places for the business.

  • Followed by reporting this problem to the google, this is the issue of the google and hence the best way to resolve the issue is to let the techies form the company to know this issue.

So in order to reach the techies from the company you have to contact the google map customer service. You will get the right information from the right source and that in no time.

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